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Improve engagement, build your audience, and attract new clients with less than 3 hours of work a month. We will match you with a ghostwriter tailored to your niche to elevate results and give you time to focus on your business.
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Ava Creative writing specializing in design & art
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Why Hire A Ghostwrote Ghostwriter?

1. Save An Average Of 60 Hours A Month

Having a trained ghostwriter handle your content will save you X hours a week. They will manage everything from idea creation and content production to distribution and scheduling posts.

2. Clients Come To You

Social proof is the new CV. Using a unique blend of valuable content, social proof and personal stories, a Ghostwrote ghostwriter will help you land new clients without spending hours on outreach.

3. Build Your Network

"Your Network Is Your Net Worth." The phrase has almost become a meme at this point, but its message is priceless. A ghostwriter can help you build connections with like-minded business owners, opening a world of new opportunities in the process.

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How it works

Step One

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Step Two

Fill in the question form. Based on your answers, we’ll show you ghostwriters who are best suited to your needs

Step Three

Choose your desired ghostwriter and book a call to discuss the details of your situation

How will the ghostwriter write in my brand’s voice?
Before working with you, your new ghostwriter will jump on a call to understand your brand's voice, message, and goals. They will use this information and your current content to effectively capture your brand’s voice. No content is ever posted on your account without your approval.
How much do ghostwriters cost?
The price of a ghostwriter will range from $2000 to $10,000+ a month. Rates will vary based on their experience, offer, and the nature of your project.
How do I know the audience quality will be high?
There’s nothing worse than an empty following. This is why our ghostwriters create content designed to build a quality audience instead of solely focusing on audience size.
What’s included when working with a ghostwriter?
Each ghostwriter operates differently, though costs will generally cover content creation, idea generation, and the cost of distribution. Some ghostwriters may also offer additional services such as email list management, which can be discussed before your collaboration.
How do I know the ghostwriter won't reveal that we’re working together?
A ghostwriter will usually include an NDA in their contract. You can also have your ghostwriter sign your own NDA for full peace of mind.
Can I see a ghostwriter’s past work for other clients?
Due to the anonymous nature of ghostwriting, most ghostwriters will be unable to reveal the identity of previous clients. However, ghostwriters will be able to show you anonymous screenshots of prior client results while concealing their identity. Results can also be seen in the ghostwriter's profile based on their audience size, though this isn’t always an accurate representation of their skillset.